Until Only the Mountain Remains

Carol Farrelly reading at the launch
Reading on the night

Next Friday, I will be reading at an evening of story-telling and poetry, Until Only the Mountain Remains, at the Talbot Rice Gallery.  This evening is the culmination of a project inspired by the artist Christopher Orr’s current exhibition, ‘The Beguiled Eye’. I’m  looking forward to reading and to hearing how other writers such as Dilys Rose, Jane McKie and Allyson Stack have interpreted Orr’s haunting paintings. My story, ‘Silent One’, is a response to the  painting of that name. We see a couple standing by a gorge, looking down at a face that appears to float in the darkness  We cannot see their faces. We don’t know their reactions, but their body language is strangely relaxed, unperturbed. And so I wondered why this might be.

My story can be read online.

‘Silent One’, Christopher Orr

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