Short stories:

‘Wolf in the Ultraviolet’, The Lonely Crowd: 13 (25 June 2022)

‘Turnstones’, Granta, 8 June 2021 and I Cleaned the – & Other Stories: Winners of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2021 (July 2021)

‘Hunter’s Bog’, BBC Radio 4: Short Works, Friday 12th March and Sunday 14th March, 2021

‘Likewise’, New Writing Scotland: 38 (December 2020)

‘Clipped’, Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology: 13, (Oct 2020)

‘Snow Monkey’, Fairlight Shorts, June 2020

‘The Woodcutter’, Story Sunday series, Litro, 3 Nov 2019

‘Light Moves like Water’, Weekend Read/For Books’ Sake, Nov 2018, ‘Scottish Shorts’, BBC Radio 4, Feb 2013; New Writing Scotland: 30 (2012); Shortlisted for the Bridport Prize 2010

‘Pufferfish’, Echoes of the City, Podwalk (May 2017)

‘Beheld’, Whisper the Wrong Name anthology, Arvon (2016)

‘Keeper’, Freak Circus: 1 (Oct 2015)

‘White Nudes’, The Lampeter Review: 12, (Sept 2015)

‘The Knack of Carnival’, read at Edinburgh International Book Festival ‘Story Shop’, Aug 2015, published Edinburgh City of Literature

‘The Rooftop Busker’, New Writing Scotland: 33 (July 2015)

‘Walking Water’, Popshot Magazine: 13 (April 2015)

‘The Silent One’, Until Only the Mountain Remains, a creative project led by Talbot Rice Gallery, Feb 2015

‘The Quicken Tree’, Aesthetica Creative Writing Anthology 2015

‘Deathwatch Beetle’, The Irish Times, 5 Sept 2014 (Shortlisted for the Irish Times ‘This Means War’ Competition)

‘Neutral Ground’, Offside Stories anthology, 2014 (First Prize in The Pride and the Passion: Offside Stories Competition)

‘The Telephone Man’, Cutthroat: A Journal of the Arts, 16:1 (2014): First Prize in the Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition 2013

The Glass Lift’, Edinburgh Review: 138 (Aug 2013)

‘Walking Water’, Dream Catcher: 26 (2013)

‘First Skin’, Stand, 10:3 (2011)

‘Arc Lights’, Sushirexia, Freight Publishing (2010)

‘Accidental Gift’, Markings: 28 (2009)

‘Ante-Purgatory’, Willesden Herald: New Short Stories 3, Pretend Genius (2009) (Shortlisted for the Willesden Herald Short Story Prize)

‘Sinead’s Mirror’, Yellow Room, 3 (2009)

‘The Seventh Day’, Litro: 79 (2008)

‘In the Museum’, Random Acts of Writing (2007)