Short stories:


‘Likewise’, New Writing Scotland, 38, Autumn 2020

‘Clipped’, Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology: 13, 10 Oct 2020


‘Snow Monkey’, Fairlight Shorts, June 2020

‘The Woodcutter’, Story Sunday series, Litro, (3 November 2019)

‘Light Moves like Water’, Weekend Read/For Books’ Sake, Nov 2018, ‘Scottish Shorts’, BBC Radio 4, Feb 2013; New Writing Scotland, 30 (2012); Shortlisted for the Bridport Prize 2010

‘Pufferfish’, Echoes of the City, Podwalk (May 2017)

‘Beheld’, Whisper the Wrong Name anthology, Arvon (2016)

‘Keeper’, Freak Circus, 1 (Oct 2015)

‘White Nudes’, The Lampeter Review, 12, (Sept 2015)

‘The Knack of Carnival’, read at Edinburgh International Book Festival ‘Story Shop’, Aug 2015, published Edinburgh City of Literature

‘The Rooftop Busker’, New Writing Scotland, 33 (July 2015)

‘Walking Water’, Popshot Magazine,13 (April 2015)

‘The Silent One’, Until Only the Mountain Remains, a creative project led by Talbot Rice Gallery, Feb 2015

‘The Quicken Tree’, Aesthetica Creative Writing Anthology 2015

‘Deathwatch Beetle’, The Irish Times, 5 Sept 2014 (Shortlisted for the Irish Times ‘This Means War’ Competition)

‘Neutral Ground’, Offside Stories anthology, 2014 (First Prize in The Pride and the Passion: Offside Stories Competition)

‘The Telephone Man’, Cutthroat: A Journal of the Arts, 16:1 (2014): First Prize in the Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition 2013

The Glass Lift’, Edinburgh Review, 138 (Aug 2013)

‘Walking Water’, Dream Catcher, 26 (2013)

‘First Skin’, Stand, 10:3 (2011)

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‘Ante-Purgatory’, Willesden Herald: New Short Stories 3, Pretend Genius (2009) (Shortlisted for the Willesden Herald Short Story Prize)

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‘The Seventh Day’, Litro, 79 (2008)

‘In the Museum’, Random Acts of Writing (2007)